The Complete Lowdown on Textile Design

If you have an avid interest in textile design, then you can get all the latest information on the industry by browsing through the site You may be striving to become a textile designer or need to keep yourself updated on the newest trends. The two biggest categories in textile design are apparel and home furnishings, and we cover both of these and more on this site.Here, budding textile designers can gain inspiration and learn from the past experiences of other artists too. Also, you can hear from the best minds in the textile designing industry. After you have ventured into textile designs, this site is also helpful for promoting your work. You can access the site for any fabric-related terms or online resources required.Even if you need any information on embroidery threads, fabrics, quilts, fabric types or knitting – be assured that this site contains all the details. Not sure whether to go for a natural or synthetic material? Let us help you choose with our fabric choice guides. Stay here for the most recent updates in the textile field, including technological developments and latest trends.Are you an artist looking for inspiration and guidance on how to design textiles? Stay here for articles on the best textile design courses, what makes a good textile design, and how such designs have evolved over the years. We’ll take a look at vintage textiles, and how these designs can be brought up to date to create something unique and special.